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Unleash the power of being you.

Are you an Adoptee? Have you been looking for a somatic practice that can help you get unstuck? Look no further – you're in the right place! Connect with the wisdom and healing power of horses to embark on a transformative journey of selfdiscovery, empowerment and community. Discover a unique trauma informed Somatic way to unlock the essence of who you are.

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    What to expect:

    • Foster Connection and Trust: As social beings, we thrive on connection and belonging. Horses, as herd animals, have much to teach us about trust, boundaries, and healthy relationships. Through interactive activities, you'll cultivate a deeper understanding of authentic connection, develop trust within yourself and with others, and foster meaningful relationships in all areas of your life.

    What will you Learn?

    Deep Healing and Self-Exploration: Experience the transformative power of somatic equine-assisted activities, where horses serve as our wise and intuitive guides. Through carefully crafted exercises, you'll learn to listen to your body's wisdom, release trauma and emotional blockages, and connect with your authentic self on a profound level.